Ina Wagner has made a rather exceptional transition from physics (she holds a PhD in nuclear physics) to anchoring her research in CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) and PD (Participatory Design). At the University of Technology in Vienna she has built up an interdisciplinary research unit, bringing together expertise in sociology, ethnography, psychology, and computer science for the study of work practices and organisations, as well as the design of supporting technologies. She is a leading European academic in the field of work and technology. In 2011 she was awarded the Woman’s Prize of the City of Vienna, in 2012 the ‘Gabriele Possanner Staatspreis 2011’, and in 2019 the title ‚Ehrenbürgerin‘ of Vienna University of Technology.

Until September 2011 she was Head of the Institute for Technology Assessment and Design, Vienna University of Technology where she offered a variety of interdisciplinary courses for students of computer science. From 2009-2016 she held an Adjunct Professor II position at the University of Oslo. Since 2016 she is affiliated with the University of Siegen where she works on various publication projects.  .

She has edited and written numerous books and published widely on a variety of technology-related issues, among them computer-support of hospital work and of architectural design and planning, participatory design, a feminist perspective in science and technology, and ethical and political issues in systems design.